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Career-Focused Accountability Systems
All New Skills for Youth states modified their state or federal accountability systems or report cards to incentivize career readiness, and most improved data collection on career readiness.
State Leadership
Added or Refined Indicators of College and Career Readiness
As of 2018, all states had added or refined indicators of career readiness within their accountability systems. Most of these changes were previously planned due to the lead time required, but state teams noted that New Skills for Youth led their states to prioritize and accelerate the updates and related data system modifications.
Improved State Data Systems
Six states changed their data systems to collect more and better-quality data on career readiness, including more accurate data on work-based learning and industry-recognized credentials. Although states also pursued cross-agency data to assess student employment outcomes, employment data were not available in all states, and, when present, were not available for all students.
Shared Data with Schools and Districts
Although most activities related to accountability and data occurred at the state level, three states developed new formats and contexts for sharing career readiness data with schools and districts. States expect districts to use data to inform program planning and identify equity gaps.